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Growing and developing ministry leaders who have a passion for improving the lives of others online and in the community. 


Deep Launch Media offers a comprehensive Digital Discipleship training program designed to help your church spread the gospel online. We aim to ease the frustration of social media with training that will help you reach more people and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, the training is designed to help your church change the world with the gospel.


Ongoing support is what differentiates Deep Launch Media from other consulting agencies. The goal is to help you learn without the high cost of individual consultation between seminars. 


When leaders are met with friction, whether in an organization or marriage, change depends not primarily on technique but also on leaders' capacity or emotional Intelligence (EI) to separate themselves from anxious personalities.


Burnout is not due to overwork, as we may think, but helping professionals are among the highest rates of burnout because they can get stuck in others' problems.

Our Leadership Development inspires and enables leaders to grow and raise their ability to break through personal and professional growth barriers. We use a Family Systems Theory approach to provide a framework of emotional regulation for working through transition and conflict so you can fulfill your call to a healthy, effective ministry. 

Deep Launch Media

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Whether you need leadership development or digital discipleship education, Deep Launch Media can develop strong, healthy leaders who can change the world with the gospel message both in-person and online! 

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