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Deep Launch Media offers a comprehensive digital discipleship training program designed to help your church or district spread the gospel online. We aim to ease the frustration of the social media learning curve by offering training that will help you reach more people and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, the training is designed to help your church reach the community.


Ongoing support is what differentiates Deep Launch Media from other consulting agencies. The goal is to help you learn without the high cost of individual consultation between seminars. 




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With billions of people searching the internet to answer life's problems, the church can provide answers if we have an online presence. Think of that, billions of people at our fingertips we can help guide! 


Pastors are among those who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The stress of not knowing what to do and being forced out of our “confront zones” has been highly stressful. Deep Launch Media has the solution for you. Although lockdowns will change, the future will never be the same as the pre-pandemic past. Digital connections are even more critical for delivering the gospel. 



The digital discipleship training takes place in an exclusive Facebook group. There you will have access to the many benefits of the program!



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